Bloom is based out of our home creating a comfortable and nurturing environment for children as they transition into a school experience. We have a low child to teacher ratio so that children receive individualized attention.

Our schedule, our interactions, our music, our classroom are all intentional spaces set up to guide children to be curious, discover & grow individually & together as a group.

 100 languages of children

Children express themselves and exploring their environment through many modes of expression known in the Reggio Emilia philosophy as the 100 languages of children.

We find a child’s creativity flowing out of them through the ‘languages’ of MOVEMENT, DRAWING, PAINTING, BUILDING, SCULPTURE, SHADOW PLAY, COLLAGE, WORDS, MUSIC, DRAMATIC PLAY.  We encourage all of it!  We use these ‘languages’ to further our exploration, to communicate with each other, to learn and to grow!

 self discovery & social interaction

At Bloom preschool children are supported in feeling & understand their own emotions, expressing their feelings, and learning how to communicate their needs with each other and with adults in their lives.

We use communication tools from the book How to Talk so Kids will Listen & Listen so Kids will Talk. This allows your child the opportunity to learn valuable communication skills that will support them as they grow and develop!

We also use the ‘how does your engine run’ curriculum along with other tools to learn self-regulation.  This is a fun way to help children learn to read their bodies through thinking of themselves as a car engine. Children learn tools to read their own feelings and figure out the best ways that work for them individually to calm down or rev-up and get their own personal engine to that ‘just right’ state.

These tools are so wonderful to add into a child’s educational day!  Learning how to have great problem solving skills will carry through in a child’s life.

 outdoor classroom

We will be outside a lot of the time when weather permits so that your child can experience the wonders of nature. Our Austin weather allows for a lot of outdoor time!  Our outdoor space is an extension of the classroom.  Fresh air, digging in the dirt and sand, gardening, sunshine (w/sunscreen applied & reapplied of course!), playing in the water, scooping, pouring, nature, and movement are so very important for our children!!!


We do a lot of documentation, taking photos and using them with children as tools in the learning & growing process, so that you and your child can engage in their fun and exciting days! Pictures of our day’s activities, projects, and the children’s classroom world will be posted on a blog. We will also have a printed copy of the blog posts for children to see at school.  Families can bring a bit of school home by visiting our blog, reviewing and reflecting about our day with your child.  Together we are the village raising these beautiful, creative, imaginative, artsy children!